Taking Care of Your Skin Morning and Evening

We all know by now that everyone should have a skincare routine but what you might now know is that you should be using a different routine in the morning than you do in the evening.  Though you should be using your basic skin care routine twice daily such as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, you should be using a different moisturizer during the day than you use at night. The reason is our skin is going through different cellular functions.

Day creams are created to be lighter in texture and often have ingredients that focus on hydrating our skin and protecting itself from such things as the pollution and the sun.  You will find many day creams have SPF protection and often have anti-oxidant properties to protect the skin.

During the night when our body is rejuvenating, so is our skin.  The cells in our skin are also trying to rest and repair itself from the damage it has experienced during the day.  You will also find that your skin loses the most water at night; hence most night creams often have more nourishing properties.  It is particularly important to be using a specific night cream when you are concerned about aging.  Night creams are designed to help rejuvenate and repair the cells in your skin and consequently, they tend to have a higher concentration of active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C and various alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) that can help to combat the signs of aging.

Always keep in mind, adapt each day and night cream according to your skin type and skin concern.

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