Top 5 Myths About Acne

This is probably one of the most common myths about acne that everyone has heard in their lifetime. In particular, probably every teenager has heard that greasy or sweet foods such as chips and chocolate cause acne. Though it may not be healthy to consume those foods...

Taking Care of Your Skin Morning and Evening

We all know by now that everyone should have a skincare routine but what you might now know is that you should be using a different routine in the morning than you do in the evening. Though you should be using your basic skin care routine twice daily such as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer...

Get the Ultimate Sun-Kissed Look

We all know that with our gloomy English weather, we are all sun deprived. During the winter, we are the first to book ourselves for a beach holiday and whenever there is any sign of sun, we are out there in the park sunbathing.

Men’s Skin in Theory

In your 50’s, you may be going through some hormonal changes and have noticed a significant change in your skin. You may start to notice that your skin has lost its elasticity and density and is starting to sag and droop. Hopefully you were applying anti-aging creams on your face and neck in your 30s and 40s to keep it as uplifted as possible.

Skin cells are also not recreating as fast and your skin has started to lose its moisture. Furthermore, you may have noticed that you started to develop age spots on your skin. A great product such as Vichy Neovadiol Ultra-Densifying Brightening Care Anti-Age spots SPF15 can not only help restore some of the density in your skin but also help to reduce the intensity and size of existing age spots. The sun protection in the product can also help protect your skin to prevent new spots from reappearing.

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