Discover Your Skin Type...

One of the main reasons why consumers are not happy with their skin products is because they buy the wrong product for their skin type. By reading the following 4 sentences and picking the one that you find is most applicable to you, you can now discover your correct skin type.

Keeping your skin looking young at every age

One of the best ways to keep your 20s youthful looking skin is by wearing sun protection each and every day. Drink lots of water and keep your skin well hydrated. Buy a moisturizer with SPF 15 and some anti-oxidants to help keep your skin looking as young as possible…

5 Easy Steps to Healthy Skin

CLEANSE your skin everyday with a gentle cleanser. If your skin is dry, look for milk or cream cleansers, which do not require rinsing with water, such as Lancome Galatée Confort. These cleansers will get rid of all the impurities without stripping away any moisture that you need for your skin.

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