Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops

  • Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops
  • Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops

Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops

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Product Information

Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops are a natural aid to restful sleep and relaxation that blends herbal essences to help you rest at night and relax in the day – with hops, oats and homeopathic decoction of coffee.

Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops helps relaxation and restful sleep, based on traditional use only and can also be used as a daytime remedy for nervous tension, irritability, restlessness and edginess.

Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops features:

- Nature’s answer to high-stress times, when your mind won’t quieten down enough to let you sleep, Avena Sativa contains herbal tinctures of well-known calming plants such as sleep-inducing hops and nerve-restoring oats

- Weleda have also introduced coffee, with the stimulant quality turned around on the homepathic principle of like cures like, so that a tiny essence will bring rest

- Calming valerian and soporific passiflora complete the formula, helping you to slow down, calm down, and sleep.

Constituents: 100ml contains: Avena sativa, Herba tincture, 25ml/ Humulus lupulus, Fructuarium 1X, 4ml/ Passiflora incarnata, Herba tincture, 7.5ml/ Valeriana, Radix, ethanolic decoction 30ml/Coffea tosta, ethanolic decoction 60X 15ml. Nominal ethanol content 45% v/v.Ve - suitable for vegans.

Adults and children over 12: 10-20 Weleda Avena Sativa Comp Drops taken in water half an hour before retiring, repeat dose if necessary. Not to be used for children under 12 years unless under the guidance of a medical practitioner.

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