Lamberts Strawberry Protein Boost

  • Lamberts Strawberry Protein Boost
  • Lamberts Strawberry Protein Boost

Lamberts Strawberry Protein Boost

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Product Information

Our bodies need protein to grow and repair themselves, and it is therefore important to ensure your diet contains sufficient protein, otherwise muscle strength and energy levels can be compromised.

There is increasing evidence that some peoples diets may be falling short of protein for a variety of reasons including low appetite or simply the wrong choice of foods.

It might be due to illness, or perhaps due to disrupted eating patterns caused by a busy lifestyle.

Whatever the reason, the answer might be to include one of these delicious strawberry shakes in to your daily routine.

Each shake provides a healthy 19g of high quality, easy to digest whey protein.

Experts agree that the whey provides one of the best quality proteins available, based on its amino acid profile and digestibility.

This product tastes great mixed when made up with water, but even better when made with milk.

And if you use milk then your protein intake will be even higher!

Product Code: 8334.

Lamberts Approved Etailer 20130173

Typical Amino Acid Profile Typically: Per100g Alanine 4.7g AsparticAcid 10.4g Cysteine 2.1g GlutamicAcid 17.0g Glycine 1.6g Histidine 1.7g Isoleucine 6.0g Leucine 10.0g Lysine 9.0g Methionine 1.9g Phenylalanine 2.9g Proline 5.3g Serine 4.7g Threonine 6.5g Tryptophan 1.3g Tyrosine 2.6g Valine 5.5g

One sachet a day will make a valuable contribution to your protein intake and is sufficient for most situations.It is safe to take up to 2 sachets a day, but please remember that this is not a meal replacement and that you should always try to eat a balanced diet.Take as above or as directed by a practitioner or pharmacist.

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