BPI 1.M.R Lemon Lime 140g

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  • BPI 1.M.R Lemon Lime 140g
  • BPI 1.M.R Lemon Lime 140g

BPI 1.M.R Lemon Lime 140g

3880.72 Out of stock

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Product Information

The ultra-concentrated pre-workout formula! There are other pre-workout products that talk about "endurance", "recovery" and "fighting soreness".

That sounds like a product for one of those skinny long-distance runners. Forget that! Do you want to jog around the track all day or do you want to hit the gym at 200 MPH and tear through your workout like an animal? Make every workout one of your best workouts - right freakin' now! How does 1MR work?

1MR contains an extremely concentrated dose of CNS Stimulants, nitric oxide support agonists (The'pump'), and muscle building support agents measured to support a great athletic response -- without unnecessary ingredients that do little but waste your money and your workout. Let me explain ... What if one more rep was worth more than every rep that came before? That's what 1MR is designed for -- 1 More Rep! The rep of a lifetime ... the workout that pushes you over the top, makes you and your workouts a beast ... pushes you to and beyond the threshold ... in other words, what if there was an ultra concentrated extra strength pre-workout formula that was designed in such a way that your body and mind connected perfectly - assuring that every workout may be one of the sickest workouts of your life ... a break the sound barrier, breakneck pace workout ... a workout that makes everyone else in the gym take notice and wonder, "what's that dude using"?!* Well, in the past year you have witnessed the phenomenon. Ask around and you will find that 1MR has taken over.

It's your turn. Get 1 More Rep ... for every workout!

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