Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable

  • Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable
  • Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable
  • Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable

Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable

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Product Information

Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable tablets are suitable for vegetarians and so are an ideal way of helping to ensure your child receives enough iron.

Growth is especially rapid during the first 12 years of a child's life, continuous development of bones, muscles, blood and the brain mean that children have a high nutrient requirement compared to their body size.

Meeting those requirements can be a challenge and it is very common for children to be fussy eaters and it can be difficult to ensure your child is getting all the nutrients they need every day.

You may experience your child refusing to eat certain foods, or dislikes certain textures or tastes, or that they are reluctant to try new foods.

The good news is that children usually grow out of fussy eating and in the meantime there are several small, easy actions that you can take to help mealtimes run more smoothly.

Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable tablets have been produced with children's specific needs in mind to provide a comprehensive range of 21 essential nutrients to help safeguard your child's nutritional intake in an all natural excellent tasting fruity flavour.

Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable also includes vitamins A, C and D, as recommended by the UK Department of Health who advise that all children up to the age of 5 years should be given a supplement that contains these vitamins.

Vitabiotics WellKid Smart Chewable features:

- Support for rapid development- includes vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) which is naturally produced by the skin when exposed to direct sunlight.
- Bones get stronger when used and any kind of physical exercise is great for your kids such as walking, running, hiking, dancing, tennis, basketball, gymnastics, and soccer.
- Children who tend to play outside will also have higher vitamin D levels.
- includes Iodine which contributes to normal growth in children and iron which contributes to normal cognitive development in children.

WellKid® Chewable contains the following active ingredients: Flaxseed oil powder 114mg; Vitamin A 400mcg; Vitamin D as D3 200IU 5mcg; Vitamin E 10mg; Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 0.9mg; Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 0.8mg; Vitamin B6 0.7mg; Vitamin B12 3mcg; Niacin (Vitamin B3) 9mg; Folic acid 200mcg; Biotin 25mcg; Pantothenic acid 4mg; Vitamin C 40mg; Magnesium 75mg; Iron 7mg; Zinc 7.5mg; Copper 100mcg; Manganese 0.20mg; Iodine 75mcg; Selenium 20mcg; Chromium 10mcg.

Chew one WellKid® Chewable tablet daily preferably with a main meal. These tablets have not been designed to be swallowed whole. WellKid® Chewable tablets should not be given to children under the age of 4.It is important to ensure that your child does not take more than the recommended amount.

WellKid® Chewable tablets have no known side-effects when taken as directed. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. In case of overdose, seek medical advice immediately. As with all supplements, seek professional advice before using if your child is under medical supervision or suffers from any food allergies. WellKid® Chewable contains tooth friendly sweeteners, which if taken in excess may have a laxative effect.

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