USN CLA 1000 Softgel Capsules

  • USN CLA 1000 Softgel Capsules
  • USN CLA 1000 Softgel Capsules

USN CLA 1000 Softgel Capsules

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CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is an omega-6 fatty acid.

It occurs naturally in a variety of foods such as beef, turkey, and some dairy products.

Research shows that CLA enhances fat loss and increases lean body mass.

It reduces the storage of fat by inhibiting the transport of fat from the blood into the fat cells (blocks lipoprotein lipase).

CLA also increases the activity of hormone sensitive lapses, which result in the breakdown of stored fat.

CLA prevents the storage of fat and promotes the breakdown of fat stores.

It therefore assists in the reduction of stored fat around the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

It also ensures lean muscle gains leading to a leaner and more toned physique.

CLA has also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels.

Serving size: 1-2 Softgel CapsulesPer CapsuleConjugated linoleic acid rich oil (80% CLA) 1000mg

Take 1 to 2 softgels, two to three times a day with or after meals.

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