Superfruit Extra Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil

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  • Superfruit Extra Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil
  • Superfruit Extra Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil

Superfruit Extra Virgin & Organic Coconut Oil

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£11.99 Available in stock

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Product Information

This premium Coconut Oil comes from organic, freshly harvested coconuts in the Philippines. It is produced sustainable cooperative practices. The coconuts are harvested by hand and carefully dried under hygienic conditions and then pressed, filtered and bottled. During the process, the oil is never heated above 42 ° C. The result is fresh and raw oil with the delicious taste and smell of real coconuts.

- Organically certified according to EU 2092/91
- 100% RAW food - cold pressed
- LCHF - contains no carbohydrates
- Vegan-Friendly
- Lactose free
- 0% trans fats

Use coconut oil in Raw Food Recipes for health balls, smoothies, ice cream, salad dressings etc. Take one to several tablespoons each day to get an added source of good fatty acids and energy. Use the oil for cooking, baking, frying or as a spread on bread. The oil can be used for more than just cooking, for example, use as body moisturizer and massage oil or as hair oil.

What's Coconut Oil’s secret? Superfruit’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains over 50% lauric acid. Unlike other fats, Coconut Oil tolerates heat well. Several of the most common fat sources turn into hydrogenated fat or trans fatty acids at low temperatures. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil should not be confused with plain coconut oil that is refined, odorless, cured and bleached. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil contains no trans fat and makes a good option for people who are lactose intolerant. Coconut oil can be stored at room temperature and becomes liquid at temperatures above 25 ° C. This Coconut oil is certified organic according to EU Regulation 2092/91 and contains no additives.

Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil.

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