Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion

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  • Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion
  • Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion

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£12.20 Available in stock

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Product Information

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion is a potent dual-action formula for ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burns.

This amazing lotion outs ingrown hairs, leaving skin smooth, clear and bump free.

Its dual-action formula first cleans out and purifies affected pores, then its exfoliating action goes to work, sloughing away the dry dead skin and releasing the trapped hair.

Skin Doctors Ingrow Go Lotion leaves skin clean, clear and silky smooth.

Ingrow Go Lotion is formulated with isopropyl alcohol, an antibacterial to help clear out infected pores; propylene glycol, a very common moisture carrying vehicle used in cosmetic formulations which also has wonderful skin permeating properties; acetylsalicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory to reduce the swelling associated with ingrown hairs; and glycolic acid (AHA – fruit acid) that occurs naturally in sugar cane juice.

Apply twice daily to cleansed skin directly on to red bumps and ingrown hairs with a cotton ball (do not splash on)

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps usually clear up within 24hrs, although it may take a few days

Ingrow Go Lotion may also be applied right after shaving to soothe the skin's redness and prevent further ingrown hairs and razor bumps

Ideal for women after shaving legs, bikini lines and underarms

When removing hair with depilatory creams and wax strips wait 24 hours before using Ingrow Go Lotion to help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce the redness associated with depilation

Ingrow Go Lotion can also be used several days prior to depilation to assist with successful hair removal, which aids the prevention of ingrown hair occurrence

To maintain this benefit, men should use Ingrow Go Lotion every day after shaving, and women should apply it several times a week

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