Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss

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  • Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss
  • Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss

Radius Vegan Cranberry Floss

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£3.33 Out of stock

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50 Metres

Product Information

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins which work as a natural defence mechanism for the plant. 

Radius Cranberry Floss uses the proanthocyanidins found in cranberry extract to help prevent tooth decay. 

Radius Cranberry Floss naturally helps prevent gum disease and is coated in 100% pure anti-bacterial cranberry extract. 

The floss is spun in natural vegan candelilla wax and the strong fibre is ideal for tight spaces.

This floss does not contain: artificial sweeteners, colour, flavour, synthetic wax, gmo ingredients, preservatives, gluten or yeast.

Not tested on animals and contains no animal or insect ingredients.

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