MaxiNutrition Thermobol Tablets

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  • MaxiNutrition Thermobol Tablets
  • MaxiNutrition Thermobol Tablets

MaxiNutrition Thermobol Tablets

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руб1281.05 Available in stock

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Product Information

If you want a potent thermogenic fat burning formula, Thermobol is king.

By including Tea Polyphenols you can expect a 500% increase in thermogenesis and a further 400-500% by combining this with maximum dosages of Synephrine, Octopamine, Cayenne and Caffeine, which we've given you!

L-Tyrosine has also been included to double the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Liquorice extract has been added to provide support for the adrenal glands, preventing 'the stressed out' feeling you can sometimes get with strong thermogenic formulas.

Incorporating all the latest well researched herbs and nutrients, you can be sure that losing excess bodyfat and getting into your best shape ever has never benn easier.

Thermobol is the most effective supplement ever created to help you lose bodyfat.

Thermobols' well proven formula is now even more effective than ever, thanks to the new Maxsorb absorption system using Bioperine and Forskohlii, to ensure the active ingredients get to work faster.

Alone, or in conjunction with other Maximuscle fat burning formulas, expect awesome results and reach your goals faster than ever.

Anyone competing under IOC rules should check with their governing body for clearance before using Thermobol.

Stacks great with Thermovate for amazing fat burning effects and with Promax for great results.

Thermobol and your sport...

Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Strongmen: Will get you in your best shape ever!

Cyclists, Runners, Sprinters and Athletes: If you need a fat burner, Thermobol will work.

Football and Rugby: For increased power and strength.

Martial Artists and Boxers: Great for making a weight class, easier than ever.

Take 3-4 capsules split throughout the day on an empty stomach.

Take with water.

Note :

Niacin (Vitamin B3) can cause a hot flush in some individuals.

This is a temporary and harmless side effect that can last for 35-40 minutes.

To avoid or lessen effects, take with food or fruit juice. Do not take more than 1 capsule at a time.

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