Lucy Bee Epsom Salts

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  • Lucy Bee Epsom Salts
  • Lucy Bee Epsom Salts

Lucy Bee Epsom Salts

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£4.95 Available in stock

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Product Information

Lucy Bee Epsom Salts helps the body to naturally absorb the magnesium content, which in turn draws out the harmful toxins and as result tired and aching muscles feel relieved.

Many people are are deficient in Magnesium and what better way to top up on this important mineral than by soaking in a luxurious bath!

Lucy Bee Epsom Salts are produced under controlled conditions by replacing the carbon found in naturally occurring rock called dolomite and substituting it with sulphur to create a pure mineral compound - magnesium sulphate.

Lucy Bee Epsom Salts features:

- 100% Natural & unrefined
- Vegan & vegetarian friendly
- A rich source of magnesium.

100% Epsom Salt

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