Lipzor Light Device for Coldsores

£33.33 Available in stock
  • Lipzor Light Device for Coldsores
  • Lipzor Light Device for Coldsores

Lipzor Light Device for Coldsores

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£33.33 Available in stock

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Product Information

Stop unsightly cold sores in their tracks with LipZor Light Device.

Highly effective at any stage of a cold sore outbreak, its patented light technology at a precise waveband of 1072nm is clinically proven to boost the body’s natural immune response to tackle the cold sore virus, reducing healing time by three days and helping prevent further attacks. 

Used early enough, it can even prevent the cold sore appearing altogether. 

No known side effects. No heat or discomfort. Just faster, more effective treatment for cold sores 

  • Clinically proven to reduce healing time by 3 days.
  • Stimulates the body’s natural immune response for faster healing. 
  • Effective during and after the tingling phase. 
  • Penetrates the skin to attack the virus. 
  • Convenient Treatment. 
  • Hygienic application with no need to touch cold sore. 
  • For best results, only 3 treatments a day for 2 days.

For best results, LipZor Light Device should be used three times a day for two days: 
Step one : Simply press the power button and hold the device over the affected area. (If you’re using the device for the second or multiple time then give the rim a quick wipe with an anti-viral wipe or clean tissue.) 

Step two : Listen for the beep. This means the light therapy is at work. 

Step three : There’s no need to watch the clock – LipZor Light Device comes with its own in-built self-timer and will automatically switch itself off after the three-minute treatment cycle, indicated by a second beep. 

Remove the device from the affected area and give its rim a quick clean with an antiviral wipe or tissue. 

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