Lamberts Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg

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  • Lamberts Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg
  • Lamberts Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg

Lamberts Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg

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£20.93 Available in stock
WAS £24.63 SAVE £3.69 (15%)

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Product Information

Also known as ubiquinone, Co-enzyme Q10 is the enzyme responsible for the last biochemical pathway required for energy production within our cells.

It is therefore not surprising to find the highest concentrations of co-enzyme Q10 in those organs, which have the highest energy requirements such as the heart muscle and liver, and in those tissues that regenerate quickly such as the gums.

A lack of co-enzyme Q10 has been associated with periodental (gum) disease.

Similarly it has been shown that those with certain heart conditions and the obese tend to have low co-enzyme Q10 levels.

Co-enzyme Q10 is found in foods, particularly organ meat, but cooking and processing methods have a tendency to destroy it and, whilst it can be made in the body, production declines as we age.

In fact, a lack of energy in older people may, in part, be connected with lower co-enzyme Q10 production in the body.

Our Co-Enzyme Q10 now comes in a handy one-a-day 100mg potency and, as with all nutrients, absorption is of prime importance so it is presented in a vegetable oil base for easier assimilation.

Supplied in gelatin-free capsules.

Product Code: 8533

Lamberts Approved Etailer 20130173

Typically per capsule:
Co Enzyme Q10 100mg

1 capsule daily with a meal.

Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

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