Kinetica 100% Recovery 1Kg

  • Kinetica 100% Recovery 1Kg
  • Kinetica 100% Recovery 1Kg

Kinetica 100% Recovery 1Kg

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Product Information

Kinetica 100% Recovery is specially engineered for athletes recoveringfrom the most intense sports.

It has the ideal balance of protein to carbohydrates to ensurethat glycogen is restored immediately post exercise.

The superior Biotein Recovery blend contains whey protein isolate which is the purest form of protein, rich in branched chain amino acids(BCAAs) to promote muscle growth and recovery.

It is also rich in pre-digested hydrolysed whey protein isolate,broken down into peptides to ensure rapid absorption of BCAAsfor effective muscle refuelling and maintenance even after themost strenuous training and exercise.

Kinetica’s exceptional tricarb blend of Palatinose, Maltodextrin and Dextrose is absorbed at a fast and sustained pace to replenish muscle glycogen and deliver prolonged energy release.

The amino acid L- Arginine known as the precursor for nitric oxide synthesis helps increase blood flow to various tissues including skeletal muscle for rapid repair and recovery.

Also added is L Carnitine L Tartrate which helps the body burnfat and convert it to energy and can help reduce muscle soreness.

Vitamin C and E, two essential and powerful antioxidants have been added to help boost the body’s immune system.

Kinetica 100% Recovery is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients to create the perfect recovery supplement for you.

All products are laboratory drug screened to ISO 17025 standards and are free from artificial flavours,colours and aspartame.

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