Isogel Natural Fibre Drink

  • Isogel Natural Fibre Drink
  • Isogel Natural Fibre Drink

Isogel Natural Fibre Drink

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Isogel is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.It holds water to increase stool bulk.

This encourages natural bowel movement without any other stimulant.

For this reason Isogel is not only an effective remedy for ocassional or habitual constipation , but is also of value in the treatment of diarrhoea.

It is also recommended for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), in mucous or ulcerative colitis and the management of colostomies.

90% w/w dried Ispaghula Husk B.P. Ispaghula is obtained from Plantago ovata, a plant grown mainly in the southern hemisphere.The outer layers of the dried ripe seeds are milled and made into granules. Sodium metabisulphite E223 Colour E127 Methyl 4 hydrobenzoate E218 Propyl 4 hydrobenzoate E216 Gluten Free Calorific value: Nil. Ispaghula Husk is a natural source of non-starch carbohydrate fibre, the fibre type considered to provide the most suitable means of increasing faecal bulk.Isogel is made from natural vegetable material and therefore may be subject to some variation in odour and appearance.

Taking Isogel mint without adequate fluid may cause choking or in rare cases swelling and block your throat or oesophagus. Do not take this product if you have difficulty in swallowing. For every 5g of granules, drink at least 150ml of water immediately after taking Isogel mint. After taking Isogel mint if you experience chest pain, vomiting or difficulty in swallowing or breathing, seek immediate medical attention. Isogel mint should not be taken for longer than 21 days without a break. A break of 3 days is recommended. If these instructions are followed, Isogel mint is suitable for long term use. Isogel mint can be used as an additional support for diverticulosis, ittitable bowel syndrome (IBS) and for painless passing of stools associated with haemorrhoids.You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use.

Adults:Take 5g to 15g (1-3 teaspoons) of granules together with at least 150-450ml of water once a day.Children aged 6 or over: take 1.5g to 5g (1/3 - 1 teaspoon) with 50-150ml of water once a day.Place the granules in the mouth first and then swallow with water.Do Not Mix The Granules With Water In A Glass.

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