Isatori Morph 180 Tablets

  • Isatori Morph 180 Tablets
  • Isatori Morph 180 Tablets

Isatori Morph 180 Tablets

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Product code: 22884

Despatched in 1-3 days.

Product Information

I am MORPH.I am like no other. Unlike any supplement you've ever experienced. At least 10 years ahead of my time. Scientists and gurus considered me "impossible." I have taken micro-nutrient timing to an entirely new, never-before-imagined level. I have been engineered using a precise "chemical matrix"—made from only the purest, strongest ingredients known to science. Your wait is finally over... I am MORPH... with me, you can now morph each training session into a mind-blowing, blood-engorging, muscle-building frenzy, the likes of which you've never experienced before!

From the first time I enter your body … :30 MINUTES After MORPH within 30 minutes, I will invade every muscular fiber. Your skin will crawl. Your muscles will itch. don't be afraid. This is how your body synthesizes my first, of three, precision releases - Carnostim-X™. By the time you're ready to hit the weights, every ounce of your "fast-twitch" muscle fibers will be activated. you'll experience explosive surges of pure, raw strength.

Brute power beyond your belief. But this is just the beginning... :60 MINUTES After MORPH precisely 60 minutes after you've consumed me, just when you're about to hit the peak of your workout, I will unload the wrath of my second precision release—Hydro-PUMP™. Within seconds, I will tear open the floodgates with a rush of nitric oxide, dilate your blood vessels, and cause skin-splitting muscular pumps. Even scarier, I will drag all of the water, plasma, and nutrients floating aimlessly in your interstitial fluid and draw them into your blood... furiously expanding your veins until you look like fire-hoses are buried just beneath the surface of your skin, wrapping around your arms and legs. But I'm not done yet... 2:00 HOURS After MORPH with the accuracy of a Swiss clock, precisely two hours after you've consumed me, I will unload my third, and final, precision release—Prosyntha-Rx™.

Seeking out the newly "damaged" muscle cells, I will ignite protein synthesis at an unprecedented speed. Sending your body into anabolic overdrive.

Here, I will repair, build stronger, and be the source of "instant" recovery.

Working relentlessly to regenerate muscle cells faster and faster with every workout—triggering rapid increases in new muscle mass... the kind of pumped, vascular, rock-hard muscle that slams you into muscle-bound mayhem. I am MORPH. I am like no other.

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