Iglu Gel for Mouth Ulcer

  • Iglu Gel for Mouth Ulcer
  • Iglu Gel for Mouth Ulcer

Iglu Gel for Mouth Ulcer

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Product Information

Iglu Mouth Ulcer Gel is a fast-acting mouth ulcer treatment providing a pain relieving, antiseptic and long-lasting protective coating.

Iglu mouth ulcer gel is a remarkable, fast and effective pain-relieving and antiseptic mouth ulcer treatment.

It sticks over the ulcer to protect it from further irritation and damage, and helps speed the healing process - It really works!

Iglu gel is a soft, pale yellow, slightly opaque, oromucosal gel (a gel to be used in the mouth) with a characteristic peppermint odour containing two active ingredients, lidocaine hydrochloride 0.66% w/w and aminoacridine hydrochloride 0.05% w/w. It also contains carbomer, hydroxypropylcellulose, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin and peppermint oil. Lidocaine hydrochloride is a widely used local anaesthetic/painkiller. Aminoacridine hydrochloride is an antiseptic that kills bacteria and helps prevent infection.

For adults, children and the elderly:Apply sparingly, directly to the affected area(s) with a clean finger tip or a cotton wool bud. Re-apply as necessary – the aim being to keep the affected area(s) protected with a thin layer of gel.As a guide, each application should normally last for an hour or more, although eating and/or drinking may necessitate more frequent re-application. In some cases, applications may remain in place for several hours.

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