Gygel Contraceptive Jelly

  • Gygel Contraceptive Jelly
  • Gygel Contraceptive Jelly

Gygel Contraceptive Jelly

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Product Information

Please read the enclosed leaflet before use.

For vaginal use only.

Active ingredient : nonoxinol - 9 2.0% w/w.Also contains : methyl hydroxybenzoate (E218), sorbitol solution (E420), propylene glycol, sorbic acid (E200), sodium carboxymethylcellulose, lactic acid, providone, purified water.

Spread the gel evenly over the inner surface of your diaphragm which will be in contact with your cervix.Make sure you spread it along the outside rim of your diaphragm to prevent any sperm getting past the edge.Do not douche or remove the diaphragm until at least six hours after intercourse(since the sperm may remain active for some hours in the vagina).Is intercourse is to be repeated whithin this time the protection must be renewed by inserting more Gygel jelly or other spermicide, without removing the diaphragm.The diaphragm shoud not remain in position for more than 24 hours.Remember : 1 application is good for only one time, and should also be renewed as above if intercourse is delayed for a few hours after the diaphragm is inserted.When using a condom, the gel should be spread evenly over the condom, once this is on the penis.

WARNING: A higher degree of protection against pregnancy will be afforded by using another method of contraception in addition to a spermicidal contraceptive.Where avoidance of pregnancy is essential, the choice of contraception should be made in consultation with a doctor or family planning clinic.Occasional irritation of the vagina or penis has been reported.In such case the medication should be discontinued.The following should NOT be used at the same time as your condom or vaginal diaphragm :- Petroleum jelly (Vaseline)- Mineral Oil(baby oil)- Oil - based vaginal and rectal preparations.

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