GreenBay Harvest 12+ Red Superfruits Manuka 8 Lozenges

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  • GreenBay Harvest 12+ Red Superfruits Manuka 8 Lozenges
  • GreenBay Harvest 12+ Red Superfruits Manuka 8 Lozenges

GreenBay Harvest 12+ Red Superfruits Manuka 8 Lozenges

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kr42.46 Out of stock

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8 lozenges

Product Information

Manuka honey has clinically proven antibacterial properties which fight infection, particularly in the mouth and throat, as well as supporting good digestion.

Good levels of antioxidants help combat inflammation while zinc and B vitamins are key nutrients for relieving stress.

Fighting Infection Active manuka honey has two antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide and a manuka factor which may work together to provide outstanding healing.

Used to quell over 60 bacteria and fungi, its antibacterial action is highly stable and has shown considerable success in clearing wounds and resolving infection.

Digestion Assisting digestion by coating and soothing the gastro-intestinal tract, active manuka honey shields the gut from damaging conditions such as acid reflux.

The activity rating of 15+ indicates that its antibacterial strength is equivalent to a 15 per cent solution of phenol.

Active manuka honey has proved effective against the helicobacter pylori bacteria which cause gastric ulcers.

Throat, mouth and voice care Effective against throat-infecting bacteria, manuka honey is also anti-inflammatory, so soothes a sore throat while combating infection.

Children with night-time coughs who were given manuka honey in a 2007 study reported good symptom relief and good sleep.

Emerging evidence suggests that manuka honey's unique healing properties even fight bacteria that cause gum inflammation.

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