ESI Ginseng Plus 12 x 15ml

£9.93 Available in stock
  • ESI Ginseng Plus 12 x 15ml
  • ESI Ginseng Plus 12 x 15ml

ESI Ginseng Plus 12 x 15ml

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£9.93 Available in stock

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12 x 15ml

Product Information

Energising Tonic Korean AND Siberean Ginseng,Guarana,Cola,Carnitine,Creatine.

ESI Ginseng Plus Vials.

This drinkable tonic, in small bottles, is suitable for sportsmen, students, elderly, convalescents, and all those who are exposed to stressing physical and mental situations.

In the measuring cap:
Vitamin C (180 mg)
Creatine (100 mg)
Vitamin E (10 mg)

In the bottle:
L- carnitine (200 mg)
Guarana seeds e.s (30 mg)
Ginseng e.s (30 mg)
Kola nut e.s (10 mg)
Eleutherococcus e.s.(5 mg).

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