Dr Hauschka Sage Pastilles (refill bag)

Dr Hauschka Sage Pastilles (refill bag)

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Excellent for a sore throat, Sage Pastilles contain a selection of essential oils and herb extracts to refresh and soothe the throat.

# Sulfated Castor (Ricinus Communis) Oil,# Glycerin,# Alcohol,# Fragrance/Parfum,# Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil,# Limonene,# Linalool,# Geraniol,# Citronellol,# Citral,# Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil

instructions for use * Add to your bath water. * Or use it in a foot bath. You can use a purpose-built foot bath, or a washing up bowl. * Use one teaspoonful of Sage Bath (there is no need to add a base oil) and add to the warm water. * In severe cases of poor circulation, take a footbath daily, gradually increasing the temperature of the water. * Increase the length of the footbath from 5 minutes at first, up to 20 minutes (you may need a kettle at hand to top-up the footbath and maintain the temperature). * Dry your feet thoroughly afterwards, and massage with a Body Oil or Rosemary Foot Balm. * If you have swollen veins, or a tendency to varicose veins, then do not have the water too hot or this can exacerbate the condition.hints and tips * Essential oils of Sage and Rosemary disinfect the skin and curb excessive perspiration. If your feet tend to get hot and sweaty try using Sage Bath regularly in conjunction with Rosemary Foot Balm and Body Silk. * Add it to your bathtub if you are very cold all over. * We have found it very useful as an after-sport treatment, using it in the bathtub to help combat stiffness. * Try just using it after a hard day's work to relax. Massage your feet afterwards with a Body Oil and put on warm socks.

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