Detox Tongue Cleaner

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  • Detox Tongue Cleaner
  • Detox Tongue Cleaner

Detox Tongue Cleaner

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Discontinued Out of stock

Product code: 13015

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Product Information

TongueDetox is a two handled tongue cleanser with antibacterial and mint aroma.

Two handles are better than one

An Indian designer collaborated on the key features ensuring that one single 'scrape' would be enough.

This helps to avoid gag reflex reactions and makes tongue cleansing a simple and pleasant experience

Cleansing the tongue can help improve bad breath and restore taste.

Rinse the Tongue Detox thoroughly under cold water.

Extend the tongue.

Place the Tongue Detox at the back on the tongue with the thumb grips facing down.

Gently press down and pull forward along the surface all the way to the tip.

Rinse the Tongue Detox under warm water and repeat as necessary.

Can be used one or two handed.

We recommend that you replace your Tongue Detox every 3 months.

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