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Dermol Cream

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Product Information

Dermol Cream is an antimicrobial emollient cream for use in the treatment and management of the dryness and itching (pruritus) which are common features of skin complaints like eczema and dermatitis.

The emollients form a barrier within the skin surface, trapping the moisture in deeper layers of skin and reducing drying.

The antimicrobial ingredients combat the aggravating bacteria already present on the skin which make certain types of eczema worse.

Dermol Cream is also designed to be used as a soap substitute.

This is advantageous because ordinary toiletry soaps can make dry skin worse by removing its natural oils.

Active ingredients:benzalkonium chloride (0.1% w/w), chlorhexidine dihydrochloride (0.1% w/w), liquid paraffin (10% w/w), isopropyl myristate (10% w/w).Also contains: cetostearyl alcohol, cetomacrogol 1000, phenoxyethanol, glycerol, disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate and purified water.

The same instruction apply for all age groups:-Apply Dermol Cream to the affected areas.-Gently smooth into the skin.-If necessary, allow time for any excess to soak in.Do not rub the skin vigorously.-Reapply as often as required.

Stop using this cream and tell your doctor or pharmacist:-If your skin condition seems to look or feel worse.-If any of the side effects become unacceptable, or you notice any other side effects not mentioned in this leaflet.

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