Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric

  • Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric
  • Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric

Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric

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Product Information

Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric is thin, self-adhesive and fabric backed.

It is lined on one side with silicone, which sticks to the skin reducing and preventing scars.

The other side is lined with silky-smooth fabric, which makes Dermatix silicone sheet comfortable and convenient to use under clothing.

Regular use of Dermatix Silicone Sheet Clear or Dermatix Silicone Sheet Fabric can minimise existing hypertrophic scars and keloids or Dermatix silicone sheet may be used to aid in the prevention of hypertrophic scars and keloids.Step 1:Remove Dermatix silicone sheet from its package.If necessary, use scissors to trim/cut the product to size. Dermatix silicone sheet should extend slightly beyond the area of the scar.Step 2:Peel away the paper protective liner and save it for later use.Place Dermatix silicone sheet “sticky side” down, directly on the scarred area.Keep Dermatix silicone sheet in place for at least 12 hours and up to 23 hours per day.Step 3:At least once a day, wash the scarred area and both sides of Dermatix silicone sheet with mild soap and water. Do not use a soap that contains moisturisers, lotions, or oils.A plain basic soap is recommended.Rinse Dermatix silicone sheet thoroughly to remove all traces of soap.Allow Dermatix silicone sheet to air dry or pat Dermatix silicone sheet dry with a lint free towel before reapplying.Between uses, store Dermatix silicone sheet using the paper protective liner.

A silky fabric backing provides an optimal level of comfort and convenience under clothing and pressure garments. The benefits of Dermatix Silicone SheetsConvenient and easy to useTransparent (clear) or silky fabric for optimal level of comfortIndicated for use on childrenIndicated for use on patients with high risk of scarring Self-adhesive and convenientThin and pliableDurable and washableSemi-permeable

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Excellent product

I had an ugly scar on my nipple from the breast plastic surgery that totally deformed my breast. My PS suggested to use Dermatix gel to soften and flatten my scar but after 1 months I saw no improvement at all. I purchased a Dermatix silicon sheet an noticed the difference after 24 hrs only!!! The scar was much softer and flatter. I have been using a silicon sheet for 1 month now and my scar improved dramatically. I am confident that with continues use of this product I will not need a scar revision. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to wants to imprive his scar and make it almost invisible.

Tatiana from 11 years ago
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