BonPom Whole Hemp Seeds 200g

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  • BonPom Whole Hemp Seeds 200g
  • BonPom Whole Hemp Seeds 200g

BonPom Whole Hemp Seeds 200g

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£4.99 Out of stock

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Product Information

Whole Hemp seeds differ from the shelled variety in that the crunchy outer shell has not been removed.

The outer shell provides a source of minerals and insoluble fibre - useful in gently cleansing the colon and flushing toxins from the intestinal tract.

Hemp seeds are as close to a perfect food as you can get. Not only arethey full of easy to digest protein - containing all essential amino acids, but they also contain Omega 6 and 3 in the optimal human balance of 3:1.

Usage: sprinkle over salads for a bit of crunch, grind the seeds to makesweet and savoury hemp spreads.

Serving Suggestion: 1-3 tbsp (6-17g) or as directed in recipes.

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