BonPom Psyllium Husk Powder 100g

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  • BonPom Psyllium Husk Powder 100g
  • BonPom Psyllium Husk Powder 100g

BonPom Psyllium Husk Powder 100g

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$7.44 Out of stock

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Product Information

Psyllium husk is the husk of the seed of the plantain, Plantago ovata, and is a concentrated source of dietary fibre (80% water soluble fibre), composed mostly of hemicellulose.

It is not digested in the small intestine, but, partially broken down in the colon, where it acts as a food source for friendly flora.

Psyllium acts as a sponge in the intestinal tract, swelling as it absorbs water, toxins and waste material.

For consistent results, it is best to take 1-3 servings daily.

Stir into a whole glass of water, juice, milk, soy drink or rice drink and consume immediately.

Take with 250ml to 500ml water for best results.

It is great ingredient too! Use Psyllium husk in smoothies, to make raw crackers or as an egg replacer.

Serving size: 5g (1 teaspoon) with at least 250ml of liquid (water, juice or milk alternative)

Storage: Reseal the pouch after opening and keep in a cool dry place.

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