Bliss 'Pore'- Fector Gadget

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  • Bliss 'Pore'- Fector Gadget
  • Bliss 'Pore'- Fector Gadget

Bliss 'Pore'- Fector Gadget

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13553.40 Out of stock

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Product Information

Hi tech, dual action skincare tool powered by sonic vibrations for power washing pores and massaging treatments and moisturizers onto skin.

Tested,approved and used by licensed bliss skincare professionals. Instant, visible results.

Cordless, rechargeable, easy-to-use.

Dual settingseliminate the bad stuff, maximize the good stuff

1.Sonic vibration setting 1: 'power wash' helps exfoliate, deep clean, 'loosen'and clear skin impurities

2.Sonic vibration setting 2: massages treatments, moisturizers onto skin

-'Pore'- fector gadget tool ,
-Charger stand and power cord,
-Daily detoxifying facial toner 200 ml,
-2 Steep clean facial samples.

1)On cleansed skin, apply bliss daily detoxifying facial toner to prep skin for action 1: power washing pores.

2)Press 'pore'-fector gadget's power button once to turn the red light on for high vibration , deep pore cleaning.

3)With the tip curving downward, gently glide the tool along skin, paying special attention to areas withclogged pores.

4)After skin is cleansed, apply your favorite moisture cream or serum.

5)Press 'pore'-fector gadget's power button twice so that light turns green indicating slower vibrations for action 2: massaging products onto skin.

6)Turn the tool in the other direction with the tip curving upward and glide on top of skin surface whereproduct has been applied with gentle pressure to skin surface.

Either setting can be used independently : setting one for clogged pores, and setting two for massaging on treatments and moisturizers (especially important for age concerns) .

For sensitive skin, during use also press the second button, to the right of the ON button for a gentler sensation.

Recommended usage:

Oily skin:3-5 min 1-2 times daily

Combination : 2-3 min once daily

Dry/sensitive:1-2 min every other day

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