Animal Pak 44 Pak

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  • Animal Pak 44 Pak
  • Animal Pak 44 Pak

Animal Pak 44 Pak

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£43.33 Out of stock

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44 Pak

Product Information

There's nothing like it in the world. For you, getting it is more important than getting anything else. We're talking about the pump. Just the thought of blood flooding into your muscles, fueling them with nutrients and oxygen and giving you that engorged feeling gets you fired up every time.

Hey, it's time to hit the weights. It's time to get your pump on.

Since 1984, Animal Pak has been helping competitive bodybuilders get the most out of their freakish training routines by providing all the nutrition they need, plus some they didn't know they needed.

For 17 straight years, people like you have made Animal Pak the #1 selling training pak in the world. In fact, more competitive bodybuilders have cut their teeth on the Animal Pak than any other bodybuilding supplement in history. Why? Simple. Animal Pak gets the job done. It works. First time. Every time.

Animal Pak has stood the test of time. See, nature, in all her ingenuity, has designed the human body as the ultimate training machine. Since the dawn of mankind, our bodies have changed very little. And when it comes to growing our muscles in a freakish way, we still need the right combination and mega-doses of essential amino acids, carbs, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids (EFA's).

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