Airmax Classic for Snoring Relief

$15.75 Available in stock
  • Airmax Classic for Snoring Relief
  • Airmax Classic for Snoring Relief

Airmax Classic for Snoring Relief

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$15.75 Available in stock

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Product Information

Airmax® Classic allows you to optimize airflow and nasal breathing with the following results:

- A reduction in snoring

- A reduction in nasal congestion (possible causes: deviated septum, common cold, allergy, pregnancy, air travel, collapse of the nasal valve in the elderly, etc.)

- Better breathing during your sleep. You sleep better and you feel more rested in the morning

- A reduction or cessation of the use of nasal drops.

The Airmax must be rinsed with water both before and after use.

When using the Airmax for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the device symmetrically.

The Airmax has been properly positioned when the legs widen the nasal entrance and when the ‘connecting bridge’ is touching your nasal septum.

You will notice an immediate impact on your nasal inflow and outflow. This better airflow will help you optimise your breathing, feel more relaxed and reduce your snoring.

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