Supplements to build muscle for the ‘hard gainer’
I firmly believe there is no such thing as a ‘hard gainer’ but in fact only ‘easy losers’.

By ‘easy loser’ I refer to those lucky individuals out there with fast metabolisms who have quicker turnovers of nutrients in the body than other people. Ultimately this is what we all want to have, but it is determined by a number of factors which I spoke about in my article on metabolic rates. Depending on how they alter their diet, these individuals will either gain muscle tissue quicker than average or lose body fat quicker than average. Nevertheless if the protein intake is not sufficient, the muscle tissue will start to decrease. This is why a constant supply of protein to the muscle throughout the day is critical. Consuming Casein protein powders is an easy way to achieve this as the protein requires several hours to be fully metabolised.

During exercise our muscles are particularly vulnerable to breaking down, especially for the ‘easy losers’, this includes any physical activity such as housework, sports, workouts or manual jobs. In this case, it is beneficial to supplement with Branch Chain Amino Acids before and during workout. It has been shown that individuals who have free floating amino acids in their systems utilise less of their own body’s amino acids from muscle proteins.

What about those of us that simply struggle with obtaining enough calories either through appetite, organisation or time? Coconut oil is mostly made up of medium chain fatty acid and it is high in very healthy calories. The medium chains fatty acids are easier to absorb than the long chains due to it being shorter. Combining coconut oil with Casein protein is ideal for resolving the issue of low calorie intake. On days of higher activity levels, carbohydrate power can also be added to this cocktail.

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