No Smoking Day

In the UK there is a population of around 10 million smokers signifying that one in six people smoke. This is not with the elimination of young children who are physically unable to smoke. The statistic is alarming considering how prevalent the education on the dangers of smoking is. Now reviewing the possibility that young children especial babies who could not smoke on their own will inevitably become the victims of second hand smoking when they are in the proximity of someone who smokes. When a smoker exhales waste smoke from a cigarette, the harmful substances does not disintegrate when smoke dissipates, as shown by the putrid aroma that clings to the fabric worn by smokers. If the smoke can cause an adult with fully functioning lungs to cough, imagine the devastation it could be causing in the fragile lungs of an infant.

Ash Wednesday is the No Smoking Day in the UK. On this religious day dedicated to the start of a repentance period why not abandon the habit of smoking which will help your wallet and your family. A member of my family smoked quite heavily in their early years, fortunately I managed to point out to him that the welfare of his family is at stake if this was to continue. With much luck my efforts proved fruitful, however most people are not so fortunate. With the help of resourceful guidance from the NHS and its associating pharmacies, you can get all kinds of information on how to reduce and eventually stop smoking.

Many people may use e-cigarettes in a bid to reduce the harmful substances they inhale upon smoking whilst fulfilling the void, but please acknowledge that they also emit smoke. Although the research on this is not conclusive, it is best to avoid the risks especially if you do indeed care for the wellbeing of your child. Conscious and intuitive individuals wanting to change the habit of smoking for the benefit of their loved ones can resort to using Nicotine Patches such as Nicorette and Niquitin. The patches gradually supply a constant input of nicotine into the body helping with the withdrawal effects of no smoking. In using this method the smoker’s body continue to receive the nicotine intake it desires whilst not having the harmful effects of second hand smoking to everyone around them. There are also other methods of obtaining nicotine while trying to stop cigarettes such as gums and inhalers, all of which are not damaging for the health of others. Lent is a period of repentance for ones sins in this world and smoking is an easy one to stop.

12/12/2017 08:34

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