Eco Cleaning What’s all the fuss

Being a working mother of two, I always found it convenient using one of the extremely colourful cleaning products with impressive acclaims like many of us trying to juggle our jobs with managing our homes. Until one Saturday morning I was busy using one of these products whilst my two year old son was entertaining himself in the same room, he then came up to me asking what the smell as well as taking a keen interest in what I was using. I could not believe what I was doing putting my children in danger with all these chemicals around them.

I started reading about alternative ways to clean using products from the pantry such as vinegar and lemon juice to clean everything around me without using the harsh chemicals. Soon after having done a fair share of research, I started using eco cleaning products too.

I have also recently noticed many of my friends and people I work with moving towards the eco range.

Simply put, eco-friendly products offer economy, ecology and effectiveness. They are free from harmful substances in the forms of SLS, SLES, petrochemicals, chlorine, ammonia, formaldehyde preservatives, caustics, palm oil and 1,4 dioxane. The above mentioned chemicals are not only harmful for the human body, but furthermore damaging to the nature we take for granted.

Eco-friendly cleaners derive mostly from plant extracts consisting of biodegradable and natural ingredients.

If you are not already one of us whom have changed the way we look at daily cleaning products, please browse through the following reasons to help you reconsider:

Safety. Keeping our children safer with eco products as they will always manage somehow to get the things they are not supposed to. They are also safer for us as eco friendly products are not corrosive, hence will not pose risks such as chemical burns.

Environment. Consider all the chemicals running through into our water ways and harming our environment, especially to wildlife.

Easy Breathing. I hate the strong stench of standard cleaning products as opposed to the fragrant natural aromas offered in eco products range.

Cost. I must agree that the store-bought eco products have been slightly more expensive, but this gap has been continuously reduced. Excellent Range. From Fabric detergents and softeners to all household cleaners and stain removers

Honesty. Eco friendly products label all of the ingredients used for you to know exactly what you are using. Standard products on the other hand do not list all ingredients because they are cleaning products. This is something I strongly oppose.

Make spring cleaning different this year for you and your family. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have soft hands after washing dishes or even breathing comfortably soaking in the wonderful fragrance of your eco bathroom spray

12/12/2017 08:34

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