Anti-aging manicure

Beautiful young looking hands are what all us women want, and it’s all about starting the age prevention steps now, your hands are a sure giveaway of your age, no matter how lovely and young looking the skin on your face is!

Here is a step by step easy to follow guide, just for you.

Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water with a couple of drops of your favourite oil, try Tisserand Tea-Tree Organic Pure Essential Oil, this will deep cleanse your skin and has antibacterial properties, or lavender oil which is soothing on the skin and has a calming effect on the mind . Both are great for softening your skin and nail as well as smelling delicious.

Now exfoliate your hands with a little warm water, L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Scrub contains 10% Shea butter, its creamy lather effectively and gently exfoliates for a soft and smooth result. Use a gentle hand washing action and don’t be afraid to take the scrub up to your elbows, to really boost the circulation to your hands, now rinse off and pat dry.

Now clip your nails so they are nice and neat, and file them to mirror the curve of your cuticles, this is the most flattering shape for all hands. Always file from the outer edge of the nail towards the centre as this helps to stop your nails breaking and splitting.

Gently push back cuticles with a Cuticle Trimmer and Pusher by Elegant Touch. Take care to trim cuticles carefully and don’t overdo it as you could tear them and cause an infection. It is better just too gently push them back with a gorgeous smelling cuticle cream like Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter.

Now it’s time to treat your nails with a Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen. This has a no-spill brush applicator for moisture treatment just where you need it, it instantly provides deep hydration and seals in moisture. Brush this on as nails are very porous and this will help to plump them up.

Now apply a plumping serum onto the back of the hand, something like L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Serum works wonders as it targets the three stages of collagen production and that is the key to anti-aging , it also repairs and firms the skin. Although formulated for the face it can be doubled up perfectly as an overnight mask to really treat your hands. Follow this overnight treatment up with a rich antioxidant hand cream like Caudalie hand And Nail Cream which is packed with antioxidant properties and is non-greasy.

For the daytime WRAP UP!! Hands are a common SPF bling spot, and its sun exposure that is actually responsible for causing those ‘dark spots’ not age. Add a sunscreen booster such as Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50 to your everyday hand cream to stave off future pigmentation. For already existing patches of pigmentation, apply a melanin suppressant, Apostle Skin Brightening and Correcting Serum is ideal. This minimises dark spots and brightens the skin.

Apply a bold colour to your nails, these will draw the focus to your nails rather than to the texture of your skin. Plum, magenta and crimson shades are perfect. OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Laque is their most popular stunning dark shade, Miami Beet Nail Laque and Flash Bulb Fuchsia by OPI are also vibrant eye-catching colours to try.

Finish with a top coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine this dries in just sixty seconds and keeps your polish intact for up to ten days. A top tip when applying nail colour is to leave a sliver of the nail bed exposed on either side – this makes the fingers appear elongated.

For a special occasion applying a little foundation to the back of your hands to cover up severe pigmentation, or for a more flattering look a gradual tanner like St.Tropez Gradual Tan Everyday Body Lotion is more forgiving and practical for everyday use and gives your skin a sun kissed look.

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