Potters Allerclear Eye Drops

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Potters Allerclear Eye Drops

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Product Information


A sterile, preservative-free moistening solution for irritated eyes, containing the herb Eyebright.

The osmotic pressure of Potters Allerclear Eye Drops is matched to that of your own tear fluid.

Regular use will relieve or eliminate irritation and dryness caused by small particles e.g. dust, pollen, and air pollution.

The drops are suitable for all contact lens wearers, particularly those with sensitive eyes and for children.

Use Potters Allerclear Eye Drops: for irritation or discomfort of the eyes caused by small particles (e.g. Pollen) to moisten dry eyes caused by contact lenses for tired eyes for light-sensitivity .

Active Ingredients

Eyebright, isotonic phosphate buffer solution.

Direction for Use

Dosage: 2-3 drops in each eye one or more times daily.The duration of the effect of an application may vary from person to person.Use as often as required.Method of use:Detach an eyedrop container.Twist the flat part with ball-tip to separate it from the eyedrop container.Hold the eyedrop container between the index finger and thumb of one hand, with the tip pointing down over the open eye or over the contact lens, squeeze and allow 2-3 drops to trickle into each eye.

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