Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Hair Treatment for Men

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Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Hair Treatment for Men

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Product Information


Supported by 4 patents, this unique complex protects follicle cells to extend each hair's life cycle, encourages healthy hair growth and thickens the diameter of each strand.

Supported by 4 patents, Phytolium 4 fights thinning hair on 4 different levels.

1. Extends the hair's life cycle
2. Prevents hair thinning
3. Encourages healthy hair growth
4. Adds density
Anti-hair loss action proven in 88%* of the subjects.

Hair growth: +39%**. No need to rinse.

Active Ingredients

Shiitake mushroom stimulates sirtuins, the cell longevity proteins. A biocompatible extract of wild apple stem cells protects the hair follicles and extends the life of each hair and its growth cycle.Serenoa extract helps inhibit the 5-a-reductase enzyme that causes hair thinning. The purifying and stimulating properties of essential oils regenerate the area surrounding the hair bulb.Solanum glycoproteins stimulate keratinocytes to encourage healthy growth and revitalize hair.Grapeseed procyanidins and cananga essential oil improve intercellular exchanges to restore density and vitality to hair.

Direction for Use

After shampooing, apply using the applicator to damp hair over the whole scalp, section by section.Gently massage in to distribute the product.Style as usual.


The sooner you treat your hair loss, the sooner you will slow it down.

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