PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol Powder - 2000g

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PhD Nutrition Waxy Vol Powder - 2000g

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Product Information


Ultra Low GI Carbohydrate powder, unique to PhD Nutrition and a huge innovation in the sports nutrition marketplace.

Waxy Vol contains Enduragrain fine ground waxy barley starch, with a GI of lower than 30.

Waxy Vol can be used pre-during or post-exercise.

It can be used to add quality, slow-burning carbohydrate calories to a mass-building diet or to add fuel to the diet of an endurance athlete or team sports player.

The most versatile product in the PhD range.

Waxy-Vol is perfect for:

- Slow release energy.
- Long-term endurance and stamina.
- Recovery from intense exercise.
- Carb-loading.
- Pre-exercise to ensure muscle fullness and strength.
- An addition to a high-carbohydrate, mass building diet.
- A healthy source of low GI carbohydrates.

Direction for Use

Add 1 scoop of Berry Blast Waxy-Vol to 300-350ml of Ice Cold Water or liquid and shake or stir for 5 seconds in a PhD shaker cup. For every additional scoop of Waxy-Vol used, please add an extra 200ml of water or liquid.

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