Pharma Nord B-Slenda FiberPrecise Tablets

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Pharma Nord B-Slenda FiberPrecise Tablets

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Product Information


The Natural Fat Magnet !

B-SlendaTM is a smart and natural fat-binder that attaches to fat in food and leads it out of your digestive system, making it easy to keep your weight loss goal.

This latest Pharma Nord innovation contains a natural substance that clings to dietary fat and removes it before it can accumulate in your body, reducing calorie intake.

It is safe, without side effects and provides good support for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What is B-Slenda?

B-Slenda is a class III medical device that has been certified for use as part of a weight management programme.

The active ingredient is FibrePrecise, water soluble polymers from ß-1,4-D-glucosamine and ß-1,4-acetyl glucosamine.

What do you take B-Slenda for?

B-Slenda is suitable for:

  • Reducing obesity alongside a calorie-controlled diet
  • Maintaining weight alongside a calorie controlled diet
  • Reducing the absorption of cholesterol from your diet
How does B-Slenda work?

Fibres in essence are carbohydrates that can not be digested, they pass through the digestive system binding to certain lipids (fats) and other toxins, expelling them from the body.

Each FibrePrecise tablet is immediately dissolved in the stomach and able to bind to fats and cholesterol before they are absorbed through the intestinal wall.

This occurs because a polyglucosamine gel is formed – which surround fat droplets, preventing their digestion and absorption.

The fibres in B-Slenda also have a slight filling effect, helping to reduce the feeling of hunger.

Direction for Use

Pharma Nord recommends: 2-3 tablets before one out of three main meals, with a large glass of water, to control weight as a part of a calorie-controlled diet or2-3 tablets before two out of three main meals, with a large glass of water, to reduceobesity as a part of calorie-controlled diet.

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