Otex Ear Drops

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Otex Ear Drops

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£4.22 Out of stock

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Product Information


Otex is an ear wax treatment that works by both softening any hard build ups of ear wax and breaking down the wax into small pieces so that they can be lost from the ear more easily.

Otex's unique dual action formulation is clinically proven to reduce the need for syringing.

Active Ingredients

It contains urea hydrogen peroxide which reacts with moisture in the ear wax to release oxygen.The bubbles of oxygen help to break up the wax, whilst the remaining urea and glycerol soften any hardened wax so it sheds naturally from the ear.

Direction for Use

To use OTEX simply squeeze up to 5 drops into the ear, then wipe away the surplus.This procedure should be repeated once or twice daily whilst symptoms clear.Treatment usually takes 3 to 4 days, after which an improvement should be noticed, along with a reduction in the discomfort felt in the ear.


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