Oilatum Fragrance Free Shower Gel

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Oilatum Fragrance Free Shower Gel

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Product Information


Oilatum Fragrance Free Shower Gel for use on wet skin to treat eczema and dry skin conditions.

Oilatum Fragrance Free Shower Gel Features:

- Suitable for adults and children
- Treatment of eczema and dry skin conditions
- Soothes, moisturises and conditions the skin
- Cleanses the skin so soap isn't needed
- Apply to wet skin normally as a shower gel
- Reduces loss of moisture and improves hydration
- Contains light liquid paraffin 70%.

Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients: Light Liquid Paraffin 70% w/w Each gram of gel contains 700 mg of Light Liquid Paraffin.Also contains: Polyethylene, 2-Octadodecanol, Polyethylene Glycol 400 Dilaurate, Polyoxyethylene 40 Sorbitol Septaoleate, Polypropyleneglycol-2-Myristyl Ether Propionate, Polyphenylmethyl Siloxane Copolymer.

Direction for Use

Oilatum Shower Gel should always be used on wet skin.First shower or wash as usual, then apply the gel liberally to wet skin and massage gently.Rinse briefly and lightly pat dry.

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