Lamberts Unflavoured Whey Protein

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Lamberts Unflavoured Whey Protein

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Product Information


Lamberts new UnflavouredWhey Protein is one of the highest quality whey products available and ismanufactured in the UK by one of the world's largest producers of sportsproducts. 

Whey protein isolates have been added to boost the overall level ofprotein, however this is all we add, our Unflavoured Whey does not contain anysweeteners, flavours or colourings! 

Whey is isolated from milk and is recognised as aneasy to digest, high quality source of protein providing an excellent mix ofamino acids, including high levels of the three branch chain amino acids(BCAA’s) L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.

Amino acids are the essentialcomponents needed by the body to build and repair muscles. 

This is a great tasting, easy to use product thatcontain more protein per portion than many leading sports brands and at afraction of the price!

Over 5g of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) per30g serving.

Contains: Soya, MilkProduced in a factory that uses: Gluten, Eggs,Peanuts, Nuts

Active Ingredients

Alanine 1.1g ,Arginine 0.5g, Aspartic Acid 2.5g, Cysteine 0.5g, Glutamic Acid 4.1g, Glycine 0.3g, Histidine 0.4g, Isoleucine 4.9g, Lysine 2.2g, Methionine 0.5g, Phenylalanine 0.7g, Proline 1.3g, Serine 1.1g, Threonine 1.5g, Tryptophan 0.3g, Tyrosine 0.6g, Valine 1.4g, Energy 492KJ/117Kcal, Protein 23.6g, Carbohydrate 1.8g, of which Sugars 1.8g, Fat 1.8g, Of  Which Saturates 1.1g, Dietary Fibre 0.1g, Sodium 0.06g.


Direction for Use

A 30g portion (one level scoop) of this product is generally recommended. We recommend 1-4 portions a day depending on your protein requirements. This product has a mild, slightly sweet taste.Serving Suggestions:Milk Shakes - The protein powder dissolves well when blended into milk shakes; 15g can be easily mixed into a small milkshake, and 30g into a large milkshake.Fruit Smoothies - This protein powder can be mashed or blended into any fresh fruit.On Cereals – This product mixes quite well with muesli style breakfast cereals.Just stir onto the dry muesli before adding the milk. Take at any time in the day to boost your total protein intake. If you mix with skimmed milk you add an extra 8g of protein, plus 85 calories.Take as above or as recommended by your practitioner or pharmacist.Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

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