Lamberts L-Arginine HCI 1000mg

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Lamberts L-Arginine HCI 1000mg

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Arginine is a Non Essential Amino Acid, but is an Essential nutrient in cats, rats and other mammals.

In man, Arginine is only required in the diet under certain conditions.

Arginine is required for optimum growth and takes part in the release of the Growth Hormone.

It is the immediate precursor of Ornithine, which also plays a role in the urea cycle.

Arginine is concerned in the removal from the body of Ammonia which is a waste product of Nitrogen metabolism.

A variety of functions depend upon a sufficiency of Arginine e.g. Glucose Tolerance, Insulin Production and Liver Lipid Metabolism.

Product Code: 8302.


Typically per capsule: L-Arginine 500mg

Direction for Use

1 to 8 capsules daily with water or fruit juice. An amino acid is best taken half an hour before any meal or at bedtime.Caution: Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding. Suitable for vegetarians.

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