Lamberts Gentle Vitamin C 500mg

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Lamberts Gentle Vitamin C 500mg

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Product Information


For some people, vitamin C in certain forms may cause gastric upset due to its acidic nature.

These Gentle C tablets are particularly gentle on the stomach and therefore ideal for those with delicate digestions.

this vitamin C combination is neutralised with calcium to provide a soothing, non-acidic form.

The calcium contribution at 77mg is a useful source of this bone-making mineral.
Great for those people who require large amounts of vitamin C, but who wish to take it in divided doses.

Product Code: 8131.


Typically per tablet: Vitamin C 500mg Calcium 77mg

Direction for Use

1 to 6 tablets daily. Caution: Over 1000mg of Vitamin C may cause mild stomach upset in sensitive individuals.Suitable for vegetarians.

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