Lamberts Betaine HCl 324mg/Pepsin 5mg

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Lamberts Betaine HCl 324mg/Pepsin 5mg

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The stomach naturally produces hydrochloric acid to keep its content acidic.

This is important for effective digestion by enzymes and for killing pathogenic bacteria present in the food.

Additionally, several minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc rely on this acid for their utilisation in the body.

However, as we age we tend to produce less acid, and so a supplement may be helpful.

Each tablet provides 324mg of betaine hydrochloride along with pepsin, an enzyme that breaks down proteins in food.

Product Code: 8404.


Typically per tablet: Betaine HCl 324mg Pepsin 5mg

Direction for Use

As a food supplement to aid protein digestion, 1 tablet with each main meal up to a maximum of 3 per day. Swallow the tablets whole. Caution: Do not take if peptic ulcers are present or suspected. Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.

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