Kent Hairbrush Cleaner - LPC2

5/5 1 customer review
Out of stock

Kent Hairbrush Cleaner - LPC2

5/5 1 customer review
Out of stock

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Product Information


A brush for cleaning hairbrushes.

Removes dead hairs suitable for all types of brushes.

Regular cleaning of your Kent Hairbrush will not only extend the life of your brush but will help prevent dirty and greasy hair.


Regularly remove loose hair from the tufts of your brush by inserting a Kent Hair Brush Cleaner at the side of the brush and lifting the hair away.

Repeat around the brush but don't scrape the Kent Hair Brush Cleaner through the brush.

Wet-clean occasionally using warm, soapy water - never ammonia or harsh detergents.

Submerge just the tufts, not the brush back/handle.

Rinse off in cold water.

Shake off surplus water then wipe gently in a towel.

Leave to dry bristle down in the open air, but not in direct sun light.

Never dry on a radiator or in a strong, artificial heat.

Brush length 150mm width at grip 20mm length of nylon 20mm


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  • 5/5
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a Must-Have

I absolutely love this! It makes my Hairbrush so clean just in a few seconds!

Emily from 7 years ago

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