Higher Nature Serotone - 5HTP

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Higher Nature Serotone - 5HTP

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Product Information


Higher Nature Serotone - 5HTP, a natural amino acid and the pre-cursor to serotonin, which is used in the body for neurotransmitter production and has a role to play in maintaining normal nerve and brain function.

5HTP is found naturally in Griffonia simplicifolia.

Serotonin may also be converted to Melatonin, important in the sleep-wake cycle.

Serotone also contains B vitamins and zinc.

Product features:
- Amino acid needed for neurotransmitter production;
- Sourced from the Griffonia simplicifolia seed;
- Available in 50 mg or 100 mg tablets.

Active Ingredients

One 50mg 5HTP capsule typically provides: 50mg 5HTP, 5mg Vitamin B6, 2.5mg Zinc, 25µg Biotin, 50µg Folic acid, 15mg Niacin.

One 100mg capsule typically provides: 100mg 5HTP, 10mg Vitamin B6, 5mg Zinc, 50µg Biotin, 100µg Folic acid, 30mg Niacin.

Encapsulated with these natural ingredients:
Bulking agent: rice bran; capsule: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose*; L-5-hydroxytryptophan, niacin (as nicotinamide), zinc citrate, pyridoxal-5-phosphate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide;anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate*; folic acid, biotin. *(vegetarian source)

Direction for Use

50mg capsule: Take 1-2 capsules at the end of the day with a carbohydrate snack.

100mg capsule: Take 1 capsule at the end of the day with a carbohydrate snack.


Consult your doctor if under medical supervision or taking prescribed medications.

Not advisible if pregnant or if taking anti-depressant medication.

Can cause drowsiness; do not drive or operate machinery if affected.

If gastro-intestinal discomfort occurs, reduce intake.

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