Higher Nature Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg Tablets

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Higher Nature Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg Tablets

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Product Information


Co-Enzyme Q10 is naturally present in every cell of the body but, most importantly, is concentrated in the energy-intensive cells.

Co-Enzyme Q10 is important for energy production and may enhance sporting performance for those who have not yet reached peak performance.

For those with active or sporty lifestyles, additional antioxidant protection is required to help protect your cells from free radical damage.

CoQ10 works within the electron transport chain responsible for energy production.

It is produced in your body but levels decline with age.

Co Q10 may also be reduced when taking certain medication such as statins.

Active Ingredients

One tablet typically provides 30mg Co-enzyme Q10. Tableted with these natural ingredients: Natural Lithothamnion calcarea, microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate, zein protein coating.

Direction for Use

Take 1-3 tablets a day, with a meal. A daily multivitamin is also recommended.


Keep out of reach of children.Ensure lid is tight and store in a cool, dry, steam-free environment as damp conditions can affect the product quality.

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