Fortuna Micropourous Tape

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Fortuna Micropourous Tape

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Product Information


The Fortuna Micropourous Tape is ideal for fixing dressings in place.
Suitable for general use at home, at work or while travelling; it has hypoallergenic adhesive for sensitive skin; it's easily torn to required length and permeable to air and water vapour; conforms well to highly contoured body parts.

Product Code:
1.25cm x 5m 0311000
2.50cm x 5m 0314000
5.00cm x 5m 0315000

Direction for Use

Instructions:1. Remove from packaging. 2. Locate end of microporous tape.3. Pull tape - adhesive-side facing down -towards the teeth of the dispenser. 4. Once the required length of tape is reached, pull down so that the teeth of the dispenser can cut through the tape.


Storage Instructions: Fortuna Microporous Tape should be kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a cool dry place to prolong the life of the adhesive.

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