Fortuna Finger Bandage with Applicator

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Fortuna Finger Bandage with Applicator

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Product Information


This Product contains one finger bandage with applicator provided to assist you with putting the bandage on.

The Fortuna Finger Bandage with Applicator protects injured, damaged nails and it's comfortable and easy to use:

Product Code:
FT-376 universal size

Direction for Use

Cut a length of the finger bandage that is two and a half times the length of the finger being treated.Gather the finger bandage onto the applicator and place the bandage covered applicator over the finger so that the open side of the applicator is at the base of the finger. Whilst holding the end of the finger bandage in place with your thumb, withdraw the applicator to the end of the finger and twist on (360) push the applicator back over the finger to apply the rest of the bandage. The bandage will detach itself from the applicator.The bandage is now in place If necessary secure the base: of the bandage with a strip of Fortuna Microporous Tape or zinc tape.

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